Are you…

  • looking to learn about music and have fun?
  • seeking to become a better musician?
  • doing music exams and festivals?
  • or… just wondering what makes music tick?

I’m Devin Kwok, and I give lessons in piano, clarinet, and both basic and advanced music theory and history in Calgary and online. If you’re looking for a young, passionate, multidisciplinary, and accommodating teacher to guide your journey through music, I would love to teach you!


Music education should be a positive choice in your life. As a teacher I believe that a positive approach to music requires cultivating enjoyment, constant self-improvement, and an understanding of music beyond rote memorization. These are the same aims I set myself as a musician: to love what I do, always seek feedback and training, and show mastery in my specialization.


Devin has helped me greatly in preparing for my one month crash course of Basic Harmony, to which I had gotten 85% on. He is able to explain, with the utmost patience, the key foundations of music, instead of giving you facts to memorize. He is also very open-minded and focused on what you would like to achieve and get from the experience. I would highly recommend him to any uncertain music lovers out there. I learned more in a month than I did in half a year with others. – Linda

Who am I?

Learning is my passion. I took music at the University of Western Ontario (Bachelor of Music, Honours Theory/Composition). I sing, play piano, clarinet, and saxophone. I compose music, design websites, write, and code. You can find my biography at

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