These Jeopardy-style flashcards are for memorizing all the pesky facts you have to regurgitate on the exam.In case you don’t know, Jeopardy is a game show where the host gives you an answer and asks you for the question. Here’s an example of a Jeopardy-style question:

Answer: George Frideric Handel was employed as Kapellmeister to this prince who eventually rose to the throne of Great Britain. Question: What position did this composer hold under Prince Georg Ludwig, the Elector of Hanover?

Note that the information you’re looking for is usually indicated by the word “this“.

Why use this format? Since you can test yourself using either the question or the answer, this gives you two ways to memorize the same fact.


Here’s how to study using these cards:

  1. Do 5-10 minutes a day. You don’t have to do every card, but make it a habit to review¬†something.
  2. Type or write your answer even if you know it by heart – this puts details like spelling in your memory
  3. You don’t have to answer with the exact same words. In fact, try not to! Put your question or answer differently each time you review it.
  4. For your first few tries, start with the question (click “Learn”, check “Start with Term”). Find each answer using textbooks and other resources.
  5. Subsequently, start with the answer (click “Learn”, leave “Start with Term” unchecked) and try to do them from memory. Record the ones you miss.
  6. When the course is done and it’s time for review, switch back to the question format. Try coming up with the entire answer from memory.

Flash card sets

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