At Lesson

  • My three teaching terms are: Fall (Sep – Dec), Spring (Jan – May)and Summer (Jun – Aug). Registrations are for the entire term.
  • I will do my best to reschedule any lesson days that you cannot make. The final week of the term is reserved for making up lessons that could not be rescheduled earlier.
  • I am unable to reschedule lessons without 48 hours advance notice of absence or lateness. While I understand that things happen, please consider each week’s lesson a valuable and irreplaceable moment for learning.
  • Group lessons cannot be made-up. Contact me to find out what you missed.
  • I reserve the right to terminate lessons for any reason.


  • Lesson fees are calculated from a fixed hourly rate and the number of weeks in the term. Group lessons have reduced fees depending on the number of students. Rates may change at any time, and will apply to new registrations.
  • Fees may be paid in full or by installment, and are due before the first unpaid lesson. The minimum payment is 4 weeks of lessons or the remaining balance, whichever is less.
  • While I supply some materials as needed, music books and other resources are purchased separately from lesson fees. I can order the necessary books for your convenience.
  • Normally, lessons cannot be refunded or credited. Contact me if you have special circumstances.


  • Email me at
  • You can also call, text, or chat with me at the beginning or end of lessons.
  • I send a monthly newsletter which includes studio news as well as music events around Fort McMurray.

Piano students

  • Students must have a suitable instrument to practise on at home. If you’re not sure what instruments are suitable, read my Piano Buying Guide.
  • I expect students to make measurable progress between lessons. Each lesson we will set out goals, and I will show you how to reach those goals. You can achieve these goals with regular, focused practise, several days per week, 15-60 minutes per day.
  • Take notes during lesson and review them when practising. For younger children, I will write notes for parents to review at home. If you have trouble making progress, let me know.

Theory students

  • Learning theory is like playing an instrument – it takes practise! Make sure you do enough homework to understand each lesson. I will provide additional homework on request.
  • Marking is critical to improving. Students should review all marked work and resubmit with corrections. Feel free to ask me for any clarification.
  • Homework and practise exams can be handed in at lesson, by scanning and emailing, or at the door at my home address. Marked homework will be returned by email or in person.

Parents and Guardians

  • I strongly urge parents or guardians to be involved in their student’s musical education. Just like reading, writing, and math, students need a supportive environment in which to review, explore, and enjoy the fruits of their lesson.
  • Parents or guardians should stay informed of the student’s practise goals, and encourage a habit of regular, purposeful practise.
  • You are always welcome to observe your student’s lesson, but please do not interrupt or speak for the student during their lesson.
  • Feel free to bring questions and concerns to me.


  • I strongly encourage students to listen to a diverse selection of music in their regular lives. Follow my listening articles to find out what I listen to.
  • I strongly encourage students to attend concerts whenever possible. My newsletter includes upcoming concerts around town.
  • I encourage students to perform both within and beyond studio events. A performance is an opportunity to set goals, gain confidence, meet the music community, and learn from fellow students.  A performance is not about being tested, judged, or graded.
  • The studio masterclass is at the end of the fall term. This is an informal gathering for students to play at which is free to attend. The studio recital is at the end of the spring term. This is a formal performance by students and myself for which tickets will be sold through UpTown.
  • Outside events include school performances, community events, the Oilsands Rotary Music Festival, RCM examinations, and auditions. I will gladly help you prepare for these events, and suggest any events that I know of.